YAA! TechArts Project

The YAA! TechArts Project is designed to celebrate the work with our partners from GameStart School. These workshop experiences connect youth with technology based arts education professionals that encourage personal growth and development in the TechArts. Through, gameplay GameStart inspires interest in art, math, science and programming. They create an environment where cutting edge technologies are accessible. They educate by giving learners the tools to explore their interests. We believe the TechArts Project will inspire discovery, foster innovation, and reward playfulness. GameStart instructors teach design, programming, and animation skills while encouraging self-expression and collaboration.

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YAA! workshops facilitate youth rehabilitation and empowerment. In each of the TechArts workshops, youth will use technological platforms to express themselves creatively. They may find shared experiences of struggle in their families, neighborhoods, schools, and relationships. They will discover and celebrate the diverse, unique skills and talents they possess. As youth gain familiarity and competency with workshop practices, they will be supported in exploring peer leadership roles by helping to facilitate activities. The YAA! TechArts Project will help youth to explore their world and where they stand in it, while simultaneously gaining vocational skills and an introduction to a myriad of career paths within the STEAM fields.

MCACANEAThe YAA! TechArts Project is made possible by the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.