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Seeds get static cling, too!

Mixing up dirt for planting.

YAA participant showing off their growing sprouts.

Weeding the garden to make sure there are enough nutrients and water for the plants they want to grow.

Properly mixing is an important and ongoing task.

That dirt gets everywhere. You really need to give your hands and arms a good rinse once you’re done.

There is so much to learn about different seeds – YAA youth are researching what they want to grow.

Someday those seeds are going to grow into vegetables to be harvested and eaten!

There is also a lot to know about different soil!

YAA youth basking in the sun, reading about lettuces and corn.

Watering the climbing plants. Youth used the fencing that is already in place as a guide for their plants.

Checking soil moisture.

Rows of basil, tomatoes, and marigolds!

A look inside the greenhouse shows petunias, and more tomatoes.

Surveying the growth of the garden.

That face says it all – more soil mixing!

Labeling cells within flats so that the sprouts are easily identifiable once they start to shoot forth.

Using that mixed soil in their raised garden beds!