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Pinhole Camera Photography

Dark room set up at the Washtenaw County Youth Center.

Two participants have their first try at the dark room!

“Flower. Don’t disappear…” by Nesh

Getting ready to open the “shutter”.

“Creepy Bunny” by Sammi

“Maybe” by Andan

When undeveloped images are in the dark room, the only light can come from the red dark room lights. Participants put up signs letting folks outside the room know when the room was in use.

Dark room set up within a youth room at the Monroe County Youth Center.

Showing off their first images!

“Self Portrait” by Javontae

“Growing Together” by Sam

Taking “selfies” requires the help of a friend when doing pinhole photography.

Taking turns and helping one another as participants move through the process of image development.

“Inverted Ink” by Cody

Setting up the perfect shot!

YAA youth participant hanging her work for facility staff to come view.

“I’m the best” by Devon

Untitled by Nesh

A YAA participant checking on the development of his image in the first bath.

YAA participant explaining the pinhole camera process to Lisa Greco, Washtenaw County Youth Center Director, and Marcus Johnson, Washtenaw County Youth Center Supervisor.

“Ghost Busters” by Cedric