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Poured Resin

YAA youth participants learning the practice of resin pouring. Tools such as popsicle sticks and tooth picks can be used to create designs.

A YAA participant makes sure that the edges of his panel are covered with resin.

After learning the resin practice, YAA participants assisted a workshop at the Crouch Senior Center.

A youth artist assisting in design work using a straw.

Youth were also able to teach their families the poured resin practice!

Expert status! Participants move down the table, leaving completed resin pieces in their path.

County administrators were invited to come learn from YAA artists.

Participants at the Crouch Senior Center creating designs in their work by blowing through straws.

YAA artist facilitator, Gail Christofferson, overseeing a youth participant as he teaches the practice of resin pouring to Emily Griswold, horticulture facilitator.

A line up of a portion of the finished panels, awaiting installation.