Music, Mural, Mosaic Workshops!

YAA!PosterMURALYouth Arts Alliance! is teaming up with Livingston County Juvenile Court to host music & mosaic workshops! Local youth ages 13-17 can register and participate in these awesome events! The music workshops will be August 1-3 and run on Friday & Saturday from 6-8:30pm and Sunday from 6-9pm at the Grace Lutheran Church in Howell, Michigan. Participants in this event will learn how to create their own beats and cover art. They will receive their own personal song and album after the workshops are complete. This is a great opportunity for youth to connect with other artists and meet new people. These workshops will be run by our YAA! artists Ben Cohen, Akili Jackson & Yusuf Lateef. Please register for the music workshops by clicking HERE!

The mosaic workshops start August 18-21 and run from 1-4pm at the Livingston County Jury Room in Howell, Michigan. They will be taught by our YAA! artist Susan Buchan. Youth that register for this event will learn the process of creating mosaics and will receive many artistic tips. They will work with other youth to create collaborative mosaics with very talented professional artists. Registration for the 2014 Mosaic Workshops in Livingston County is now closed due to the high volume of youth artists that will be participating. We are thrilled by the amount of individuals that have shown interest in our workshops in Livingston County! Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops and YAA! activities in the future.  All youth that participate in these workshops are required to attend all the workshops throughout the week.  If you have questions or need more information please contact the Youth Arts Alliance! Staff!


The Mural, Mosaic & Music Project is made possible by the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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