IMG_0779Heather Martin
Youth Arts Alliance Founding Director

Heather Martin holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.  Heather has extensive experience in the coordination and management of innovative, creative arts programming.  She has facilitated hundreds of creative arts workshops for youth and adults involved and impacted by the criminal justice system.  Additionally, she leads training on best-practices for creative arts interventions/collaborations to activate personal transformation and collaboration for community change.  Heather founded Youth Arts Alliance in an effort to establish opportunities for creative expression in the juvenile justice system. 



Adrianna Duchene
Program Coordinator

Adrianna Duchene is passionate about youth expression and juvenile justice reform, and has been involved with Youth Arts Alliance since 2014 for the large scale impact that the programming has on the lives of the youth artists involved. She believes that the arts are transformative and seeks to increase the breadth and depth of the Youth Arts Alliance experience. Adrianna has a Bachelor’s of Social Work from Eastern Michigan University.


YAA Artist Fellows

Gretchen Adracie, Susan Ashmore, Frannie Shephard-Bates, Sarah Brennan, Katelin Bovee, Gail Christofferson, Ben Cohen, Lucia Calderon-Arrieta, Emily Goodman, Emily Griswold, Patrick Hanley, Akili Jackson, Yusuf Lateef, Sarah Messer, Gabrielle Pescador, Javier Pescador, Jenna Spinei, Emily Wilson-Tobin, Sarah Unrath

Advisory Committee

Lisa Greco, Melissa Strong, Geremy Burns, Kevin Mitchell, Mike Langenright, Adrian Shaheed, Maya Mulligan, Terrence Williams, Liz Yeager, Josh Chavarria, Peggy Jennings, LaNiece Moss, Becky Stemen, Lisa Medina, Kelly Weeks

Board of Directors

Gina Steffey, Lucy Cahill, Jen Schilk, Jinay Patrick, Margarita Chappell,                                  Charlie Michaels, Lisa Wagner-Medina, Josh Meisler