YAA! Digital Canvas Project!

The YAA! Digital Canvas Project is designed to celebrate the work with our partners from GameStart School. The focus of these workshops is to inspire interest in the digital arts, encourage creative expression through programming, and gaming development. YAA! & GameStart will be using industry standard software to develop a collaborative, interactive, and informational video games that will be installed in each of our facilities. Participants will learn what goes into making a well-balanced, fun-to-play game. Youth will capture their vision by using professional cameras and lighting to develop their ideas. The editing process will include experimenting with timing, filters, text overlays, and creating custom audio tracks within each facility. These workshops will guide youth artists on how to capture their creative visions on the cultures, environments and rules of each facility. These collaborative video games will give insight into how our four county collaborative functions on a day-to-day basis’s.

We believe the Digital Canvas Project will inspire leadership skills, foster innovative, and reward playfulness/self-expression. GameStart instructors teach design, programming, and animation skills while encouraging self-expression and collaboration. In each of the Digital Canvas workshops, youth will discover and celebrate the diverse, unique skills and talents they possess. They may find shared experiences of struggle in their families, neighborhoods, schools, and relationships. As youth gain familiarity and competency with workshop practices, they will be supported in exploring peer leadership roles by helping to facilitate activities. The YAA! Digital Canvas Project will help youth to explore their world and where they stand in it, gain vocational skills, and be introduced to a myriad of career paths within the STEAM fields.


The YAA! Digital Canvas  Project is made possible by the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts